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Where to Begin?


We literally have no idea. We’ve started adding ourselves to worldschooler groups, vegan travel groups, house swap sites, budget travel sites, and volunteering pages. There’s a great site called Wwoof where you can work on organic farms around the world for food and lodgings, and they have available options if you are travelling with children, plus you can search for farms without animals,, perfect for us.
I’m also following lots of worldschoolers on Instagram, because I love Insta so much 🙂

In terms of giving back, so far our interest has been peaked with the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa which is totally vegan, offering food and lodgings for volunteers. So Johan could take a Chef position and I could be a Monkey Mama, how amazing.

We are also looking into working with refugees in Greece, but that needs a bit more research as unsure how that would work with Freddie.

In terms of a route, this isn’t going to be like a gap year, where you book all your flights in advance and head off with everything planned. We are probably going to have the first few months planned out, and then we will need to plan as we go. We are currently compiling a list of everyone we know around the world, and will be in contact with them over the course of the next year to figure out where we can sneak a few days here and there in a house with a hot shower.  We’ve also registered with Cape, which is a new way to bag a cheap flight or even a free flight by referring your friends.  Nothing to lose there so hopefully that will come up trumps.

We have started to compile a list of online resources for education, and there’s loads out there, especially TES, a teaching resources site. The worldschool and homeschool tribe share loads of great stuff too.

As far as my business is concerned, I just need to make sure that the majority of places we stay have internet access, or that there is an internet cafe within easy reach. I may have to go off grid occassionally, but my business should be ticking over nicely by the time we leave the UK anyway and then I will just have to work hard in the pockets of time I get.

The more we think about it and talk about, the more ridiculous it seems that we didn’t do it sooner.  If anyone has any links to sites we should look at, places they’ve been, places we need to visit or even friends and family that would welcome us for a stop over, please do hit us up with all the info 🙂


Team Tinglert. xxx




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