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Why a Different Education?

There are a number of reasons why we have been considering homeschooling or world schooling Freddie.  Until 6 months ago, we hadn’t even considered it.  He finished at pre-school in August and we chose a school for him to go to, which was the only montessori school in the area, and we kept everything crossed he would get a place as we didn’t choose a back-up.  My Husband had grown up in the Swedish school system so he knew what he wanted for Freddie, and knew the mainstream schools here in the UK would not provide that for him.  Thankfully, Fred got a place and started there in September.

It was difficult to begin with, but surprisingly more so for me than for him.  All of a sudden there were all these rules being imposed on my little 4 year old and it became overwhelming. The insistence on draconian uniform policies, sausage-gate, homework, and not teaching the full picture on certain things had annoyed me enough but at the beginning I felt there was no other option and he would remain in the system until he came out the other side at 16 or beyond. I persevered, but I certainly started researching alternatives and that’s when I came across the wonderful world of homeschooling.  I knew in my heart that this is what we needed to aim for and eventually spoke to Johan about it.  I added myself to lots of groups, both locally and further afield and started to find out about all the amazing and creative ways parents were bringing up their children, and talking to parents who had committed to this way of life and who’s children were positively thriving.  See the video above as an example.

Freddie is doing well at school, he’s a smart kid and picking things up easily, making friends and such, but there hasn’t been a single day that he’s gone in willingly.  Now I know some will say that all kids dislike school, but that’s not so.  I stand there with him every morning, and watch most of the other kids running in happily whilst he clings to my leg.  Yes he always comes out happy, and I am certainly not knocking the school for their education, I just feel that there is a much better way.  And that is to take him out into the world and teach him about being an individual, creative, compassionate, cultured alongside learning the staples of maths and english and languages and science.  Get him right into the situation, immersed in volunteering projects and seeing first hand the impact he can have on the world.  Wouldn’t every parent want to offer this to their children?


  1. I totally agree. I know this video very well. I am a Montessori Teacher and went with my two own children through difficult times in the ‘normal’ system alongside me seeing the politics behind the curtains. Therefore my blog where I try to help with advice and free material to most of all find respect and love ourselves and then our surroundings.


    • mandonamission

      Its good to hear from a teacher about this. Our boy is currently in a Montessori school as it was the only option for him in the system. He has learnt a lot and its a teaching style that suits him so we will be taking what we can from that. I’ve given you a follow and will take a look at the information you have, thank you for your comment ❤

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      • Thank you so much for following. It is a lovely system and helped my own children so much. If the teacher is implementing it correctly you can create the most wonderful eager self confident child.


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