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One World School House


There are about a million books I need to read and I need to read them all now!!  Anyone else feel like this when they’ve made a big, life changing decision?  I’m spinning plates at the moment, with ramping up my business efforts and the welcome but time consuming fall out of that, alongside getting to grips with all the decisions we need to make in terms of our adventure.  We also have all the UK stuff to consider, like downsizing to a smaller rental until we go, selling all of our ‘stuff’, making arrangements to remove Freddie from school, making sure we see all our friends and family over the next few months etc…

I definately don’t have time for a day job anymore so that needs to go asap!

In the meantime, I have had to centre myself and think about what is the single most important thing I need to do, and it is to ensure I have the necessary tools and resources to keep Freddie’s education on track.  Not on track with any school system, but on track in terms of ensuring he has the right level of learning for his age.  So I’m starting with this book, which should be with me in a few days.  I have just discovered the Khan Academy online and I’m intrigued to read all about the background and how it came to be.  It looks like something we will be utilising lots over the next few years.

If anyone has any other essential reading recommendations, or learning tools for digital nomad families, please do pop them in the comments 🙂

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