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Technology IS my friend

Good morning all,

As you know, I have been taking part in a gratitude challenge, some of which I have been covering in my blog.  If you want to catch up on the full 7 days, you can find them on my Facebook page.

Today is Day 6 of the #7daysofgratitude, and I’m going to focus on technology.

Over the past couple of years, social media has allowed me to get back in contact with friends who I lost touch with over time, and now they are as dear to me again as they once were.  These are not just acquaintances, but friends who were my closest confidences at one time or another, so it feels really special to have found them and have them back in my life.

Over the past couple of years, I have realised that social media is not something to be scared of.  The absolute worst that can happen, is that someone you add as a friend turns out to be an oddball who either has very strong views which are at odds to yours, or is a bit of a perve.  Well, you can just delete them from your friends list and block them.  It’s that simple.  I have become an expert in weeding out the weirdo’s from the word go.  These are my top 3 tips for women’s weirdo weeding when you get a friend request you’re not sure about – I’m sure they apply to men too:

  • Check how many friends they have – if it’s just a handful I might be suspiscious
  • If it’s a man and you are a woman, check if all of those friends are female – In my experience, some men create profiles just to gather female ‘friends’ to pester
  • See what posts and photo’s they have – if it’s not a real profile there won’t be many photo’s or posts

If it looks like a real profile, then give them a chance.  I have made some amazing friends online, and in fact, when we head off on our travels, I will be meeting some of them in person.  The great thing about the internet is you can build those friendships up online, and really get to understand what people are about, learn about their lives and see how you might connect before actually meeting them in person.  I think it’s a great tool for making new friends, and it feel like it’s really opened the world up to us as a family.  We’ve connected with other vegans and other worldschoolers, even other vegan worldschoolers!!  We’ve found volunteering opportunities, housesit opportunities, work and business opportunities.  We will use it to meet with other people doing what we are doing so Freddie can build relationships with other kids who are living this life also.  t gives us the chance to get involved with charitable work that we might not otherwise be able to.

The internet has allowed me to study online.  It has allowed me to keep in touch with family who don’t live close to me.  It’s let me work from home when Freddie has been sick so I don’t lose pay.  It’s made life easier in shopping, booking travel, looking for a car, organising trips away, teaching Freddie, finding new music, working things out, inspiration, and ultimately, building my online business which is going to give us the freedom we so desire as a family.

I remember being a kid and getting our first PC at home.  The Einstein Computer, with it’s tiny black and green screen that we could only play Pacman and Mummy on.  It seemed like such a brave new world then, but look what has happened since then!


The Tatung-Einstein

Laptops, Games Consoles, CD’s, DNA Sequencing, MP3’s, Ipods, Internet, MRI, GPS, Online Shopping, Office Software, Solar Power, Mobile Phones, Large Scale Wind Turbines, Social Media, Digital Cameras, Hybrid Cars, Surgical Robots, Contactless Payment…

Technology makes life easier, it allows me to do so much more and get so much more done.  It can run behind the scenes making it easier to multi-task when necessary, for example setting up direct debits and scheduling tasks.  It can make the use of time more efficient by allowing me to set up onlone meetings rather than having to meet in person.  It saves me time when ordering online for home delivery, so I don’t have to go out to the shops.  It helps me to educate my Son with online resources and academies.  Ultimately, technology is what will help us navigate our way around this world, and will give us the freedom to find opportunities, book places to stay, organise travel, teach Freddie and build the business as we go.   What’s your favourite technological advance?

You know what else, technology has just informed me it’s #worldhappinessday – so have a happy, happy day!











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