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Things I Wish I’d known 2 Years Ago… #24

Nobody is looking at you and judging you.

Chances are you don’t stand out from the crowd.  You’re probably wearing jeans and a t-shirt or something equally innocuous, but you’re walking down the street feeling self-conscious anyway, because in your head, everyone is looking at you and judging you.

This is what I assume people are saying in their head when they see me:

‘She would be so much prettier if she lost a few pounds…’

‘She really needs to sort her roots out and what even is that hairstyle?’

‘What’s with those eyebrows, somebody needs guidance!’

‘She needs to make a bit more effort, and upgrade her Primark wardrobe’

Here’s the shocker.  If I’m walking down the street saying those things to myself in my head, then what is everyone else saying to themselves in their head?  Yep, a load of similar jive talk, which means they are not thinking about you or me at all, just themselves.

So you have no reason to feel self-conscious because nobody actually gives a shit about your appearance when you’re going about your day to day business.

Isn’t that liberating?

COMP_Sue_Daphne_La_2673169b (2)

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

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