Homeschool Resources

In the UK, the amount of parents taking their children out of school to homeschool them has seen a rapid increase, and in my mind, the British school system needs a complete overhaul. There is way too much pressure on Teachers with all the paperwork and the auditing, and way too much pressure on children to perform, and from too early an age.

Here you will find some resources that can either be used in addition to their schooling, or that you as a parent or grandparent can use in a home school or in our case, a world school setting.  Please do your own research aside from this, and if you find anything amazing that isn’t listed, pop it in the comments or message me and I will add to the page.

The first site we came across was TES, which is a teaching resource page and community, mainly set up for Teachers to access lesson plans and creative ideas for learning, along with available teaching jobs and courses, but you can set up an account as a parent too, and there are some amazing resources.  For example, ‘how to revitalise your role play area’, and ‘7 steps to successful child initiated learning’.

The Next one I want to talk about is the Home Science website, which has easy to follow science experiments, and seriously, check out the fire snake on page 2!!

Time 4 Learning is great if you want to follow a structured curriculum however it’s not free, so if you are on a tight budget, don’t worry, sooner or later I will come across something just as good for free, and I’ll post the details here.

We also have National Geographic, NASA and BBC Bitesize which all have so much information and so many activities for teaching kids on the go or at home.