When airlines don’t fill their flights, there’s an opportunity to bag yourself a bargain, and this is the app to do it with.  They are going live next month, and we hope that we will be able to use this on our travels.  The good thing is, you don’t just get the chance for some cheapo last minute tickets, but by referring your friends, you can also earn yourself a domestic, or even international flight.  I’ve just been speaking with the CEO about our plans as a family, and he thinks it’s something we will really be able to take advantage of. Plus, it costs nothing to sign up.


Of course there’s the ‘go to’ Lonely Planet, and we will be scouring that for information and advice over the next few months.  They have all the essential info on visa’s, currency, best times of year to travel, things to see, transport and health.  Click on the image for further information.